Album: Lil Baby – ‘4 Pockets Full’ EP

Album: Lil Baby - '4 Pockets Full' EP zip

Album: Lil Baby – ‘4 Pockets Full’ EP

Lil Baby drops 4 Pockets Full Mixtape, a four-tune EP that highlights Gunna and generation from Southside. The Quality Control Music endorser is one of the most sweltering specialists in Atlanta at the present time and is adapting to discharge his exceptionally foreseen venture Harder Than Ever, which is slated to drop on May 18.

Beforehand, Lil Baby has discharged some noteworthy tasks since appearing with Harder Than Hard in July 2017. His single “My Dawgs” from the task was an enormous hit and crested at No. 71 on the Hot 100. Infant’s last venture was Too Hard, which dropped in December of 2017.


01. Lil Baby – In My Bag
02. Lil Baby – Sold Out Dates (Feat. Gunna)
03. Lil Baby – Never Needed Help
04. Lil Baby – Southside [Prod. By Southside]


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