DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Swizz Beatz – Poison (Zip)

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Swizz Beatz - Poison zip

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Swizz Beatz – Poison

Over the previous decade, unbelievable maker Swizz Beatz has turned into a mold head honcho, craftsmanship supporter and vehicle planner. The 40-year-old multi-hyphenate returns to his hip-jump roots with Poison, his first full-length album since 2007’s One Man Band Man. The stacked J. Cole-official created venture evades traditional pop hits for raps that slap. Swizz talked with XXL about augmenting the capability of his cross-generational partners.

“25 Soldiers” Featuring Young Thug

“It’s such an alternate track for [Young Thug]. The way that he’s spitting, individuals have never heard him spit [like that]. Simply envision Thug on a DMX-like beat and you’re understanding everything he’s maxim. He’s in an expressive space that I’ve yet to see him do… That was interesting. There’s solitary two melodies on the tune—one at the outset and one toward the end. Also, he streams unimaginable. He was indicating individuals, ‘Despite the fact that I have a great time now and again, there’s a craftsmanship to my art and I’m extremely a craftsman.'”

“Echo” Featuring Nas

“Y’all getting Illmatic Nas—the best narrating Nas. The story is hard to the point that I would not like to put drums on it… simply the bass line [and] live instruments. There’s a smidgen of verse first and foremost from myself. Also, when you hear this story, you’re similar to, goddamn! He begins off the tune: ‘Tossing pits out the window at police.’ How you begin the refrain that way? The whole story that he’s telling is valid. ‘I’m an observatory of a homicide story…’ Oh my god. He’s an ace writer.”

“Gun On My Side (P.O.M.S.)” Featuring Lil Wayne

“That is the beat that I made while I was running [back and forth] with Timbaland on [Instagram]—’Gun on my side, gun on my side.’ I resembled, in the event that I transformed that into a tune and truly put Wayne on it, individuals would resemble, ‘Damn, I’m a piece of this. I seen when Swizz was buggin’ in the storm cellar with that.’ That’s the reason I thought the tune was cool. I sent it to him, yet goddamn I ain’t think he was going to send back what he sent. It’s a gift to work with individuals that still understood that energy and love for what they do.”

“Trick” Featuring 2 Chainz

“I needed to complete a tune that wasn’t so New York, yet you could feel the vitality: anthemic and everyone can vibe with it. I’m not simply star blast bap, despite the fact that I adore it the most. I need this collection to be something that many individuals can feel and identify with. When I play ‘Trick,’ my children go insane, everyone go insane. Also, the vitality that 2 Chainz brought is simply irresistible.”

“Something Dirty/Pic Got Us” Featuring Jadakiss, Kendrick Lamar and Styles P

“They’re all enthusiasts of one another. When I did the melody, I resembled, ‘I need to take a ‘We Gon Make It’ minute and bring it to 2018, upgraded with new vitality and new life.’ I [told Kendrick,] ‘I got this track with The Lox and I know y’all been needing to accomplish something together, perhaps this will work.’ I sent him the track and he got back to me—he was losing it. Before I know it, I had the tune. I hit him back like, ‘Damn, that is the means by which you feel?’ He resembled, ‘Goddamn right.’ That’s the way music should be finished.”


Swizz Beatz – Poison Tracklist:

1.Poison Intro (feat. Áine Zion) Mp3 Download
2.Pistol On My Side (P.O.M.S) [feat. Lil Wayne] Mp3 Download
3.Come Again (feat. Giggs) Download
4.Something Dirty / Pic Got Us (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss & Styles P) Mp3 Download
5.Preach (feat. Jim Jones) Mp3 Download
6.Echo (feat. Nas) Mp3 Download
7.Cold Blooded (feat. Pusha T) Mp3 Download
8.25 Soldiers (feat. Young Thug) Mp3 Download
9.Stunt (feat. 2 Chainz) Mp3 Download


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