Drake & Lil Baby – Pikachu (No Keys)

Drake & Lil Baby - Pikachu (No Keys) mp3

Drake & Lil Baby – Pikachu (No Keys)

Quality Control rapper Lil Baby’s profession is growing up just before our eyes. For his most recent act, he taps Drake for the overwhelming hitting new track “Pikachu (No Keys).”

A scrap of the track initially advanced toward the web on Sunday (May 6), after somebody caught video of it being played in an Atlanta club the two rappers were in participation at. Lil Baby later added more fuel to the fire when he tweeted: “Envision Me And Drake Droppin A Song.”

Indeed, we at last have the track and it blasts. The tune was debuted Saturday night (May 12) on OVO Sound Radio. Delivered by Wheezy, the threatening instrumental highlights thundering bass and true to life harmonies.

Drizzy goes first building up a quick stream. “The dash, it’s advanced, the timetable occupied/My head in a hoodie, my shorty a treat,” he raps. “My cousins are insane, my cousin resembles Boogie/Life is amazin’, it is the thing that it ought to be/Been here for ten yet I feel like a tenderfoot/I advise her, ‘look into’ ’cause it’s snowin’ in Tootsie’s/Booked for a long time, man you can’t book me/It’s me and Lil Baby, this poo goin’ insane.”

It would appear that the tune will show up on the “Southside” rhymer’s new collection Harder Than Ever. Drake is preparing the arrival of another collection too which is booked to drop in June.

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