Kanye West – Ye Vs. The People Ft T.I.

Kanye West - Ye Vs. The People Ft T.I. mp3 download

Kanye West – Ye Vs. The People Ft T.I.

He’s formally back! Tune in to Kanye West’s new single “Ye Vs The People” highlighting T.I.

Kanye West has been everywhere throughout the news this previous week after he made some flawed remarks about Donald Trump. Ye said that he adored Donald Trump and that both of them were “both mythical serpent vitality.” He at that point condemned Barack Obama and was later spotted shaking the MAGA cap, all of which gives off an impression of being one major troll occupation to attract regard for his up and coming collection. Well it worked. With everyone’s eyes on’s everything Kanye might do at this moment, the Chicago Calabasas rapper chose to come through Friday night and debut another single with T.I. on Power106 LA called “Ye Vs The People.”


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