LEAKED ALBUM: Lil Wayne – Velvet Sessions

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At the beginning of 2017, Mack Maine announced a new album from Lil Wayne titled Velvet. That was a pre-C5 era when Young Money was trying to get the album out for the world to hear. Velvet was announced in passing as Mack Maine said, “Wayne also has a dope project called Velvet. We want to get that out.”

The album has never seen the light of day and while it may materialize in the future, Weezy looks to have moved on to bigger things. Carter V is finally out and as he moves into his next chapter, Velvet may need to take a backseat. Especially considering ten tracks that are reportedly from those recording sessions have leaked online.


Lil Wayne – Where My Old Lady

Lil Wayne – Million Dollar Question

Lil Wayne – Got Em

Lil Wayne – Tevin

Lil Wayne – Weak

Lil Wayne – All For The Feeling

Lil Wayne – Zero

Lil Wayne – Little Girl Eyes

Lil Wayne – Hitman (Bonus)

Lil Wayne – Who (Bonus)


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