New Album: Boosie Badazz – “Boosie Blues Cafe”

New Album: Boosie Badazz - "Boosie Blues Cafe" zip

New Album: Boosie Badazz – “Boosie Blues Cafe”

Boosie Badazz has encountered an abundance of battle, from his jail stretch, to his commitment in brutal conduct, to his experiences with the powerful. It’s no big surprise such a man has an abundance of experience, with torment in his heart and music in his spirit. Despite the fact that the Badazz has furnished us with no deficiency of hip-bounce music, the time has at long last desired Boosie to grow his melodic palette. We’ve long heard recount his up and coming blues collections, properly named Boosie Blues Cafe. Presently, the time has wanted us to take a visit.

Surprisingly, the Louisiana symbol has grasped the theoretical idea of his undertaking in full. Blues staples like overdriven guitars and pentatonic riffs are conveyed to the cutting edge, giving a setting to Boosie to let fly his deep vocals. What he needs in artfulness he compensates for in legitimacy. Should you bear regard for Boosie Badazz’ work, you ought to do appropriate by the man and jump into his most trial collection to date.

Boosie fans, chine in beneath. Should this be an erratic, or is this a sound that Badazz ought to ceaselessly investigate down the line.

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