New Album: Waka Flocka – Big Homie Flocka

New Album: Waka Flocka - Big Homie Flocka zip

New Album: Waka Flocka – Big Homie Flocka

Waka Flocks praises his 32nd birthday by dropping off new undertaking “Big Homie Flocka.”

In festivity of his 32nd birthday, Waka Flocka chooses to come through today (5/31) and astonish fans with the arrival of another venture called Big Homie Flocka.

Bound with a solid 23 tracks, the follow up to Brick House Boyz highlights visitor appearances from Skippa Da Flippa, Jimmy Rocket, J Dubb, Loudiene, Krazy Blacx, Speedy, BC, Luh Shotta E, and then some. In the interim creation is dealt with by any semblance of Lex Luger, Zaytoven, Will A Fool, 808 Mafia, Southside and Louney G, among others.


1. Big Homie Flocka
2. Flava
3. What U Movin (feat. Jimmy Rocket)
4. Down Bad (feat. J Dubb, Loudiene)
5. On a Plate
6. Paddy Kake (feat. Krazy Blacx, Loudiene)
7. Sinning
8. I Don’t Need Ya (feat. Skippa Da Flippa, Sancho)
9. Aint Gon Have That (feat. Speedy, BC)
10. Chris Paul John Wall (feat. Jimmy Rocket, Luh Shotta E)
11. Prize (feat. Jimmy Rocket)
12. Smoker
13. Snakes
14. I Pray (feat. Jimmy Rocket, Ace, Junior, Kidd Jayy)
15. Choppas Brettas & Glocks (feat. Loudiene)
16. Well Protected (feat. Krazy Blacx, Speed, Loudiene)
17. Chef Curry
18. Clientele
19. Y&R
20. Cold Hearted Killaz
21. 21
22. No Doubt About It
23. Trenches



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