New Mixtape: Lil B – “Platinum Flame”

New Mixtape: Lil B – “Platinum Flame” zip

New Mixtape: Lil B – “Platinum Flame”

Lil B drops the hotly anticipated “Platinum Flame” mixtape.

Lil B’s “Fire” arrangement (Green, Blue, Red, White, and so forth.) positions among the best of his protracted index. As a vigorous adherent of the Based God since his days with the Wolfpack, I have every one of the “Flares” spared to my hard drive, however don’t request that I rank them arranged by hugeness. I wouldn’t request that you pick your most loved little girl, or kin. It’s just about an issue of preference, every youngster conveying innate characteristics to the table, and now and then issues as well.

This time out, the Based God cases to have impacted the world forever, in his own right. Platinum Flame is his first open offering since Black Ken turned out late in the late spring. The qualification made amongst collections and mixtapes is harder to clarify with Lil B, since his productive run appears to have finished quite a long while back. He never the less puts an indistinguishable consideration regarding his art from he did in years’ past. The cover, a clean send-up to Cash Money period work of art, was assembled by the God himself, just like the creation of each of the 28 tracks as soon as possible plate mixtape.

1. Made Man Skit
2. Made Man
3. Extras
4. Big Dawg
5. Billionaire
6. Still Going
7. Shake It Like A Ho
8. Fake
9. Girl
10. Do The BasedGod
11. Stripper Pole
12. Platinum Flame Headquarters
13. Get High
14. Swag 4X
15. Love Me
16. Game Don’t Change
17. Can’t Go Back
18. Riding Skating Rolling Painting
19. Spend Money
20. Bay Area Based Freestyle
21. Project
22. Bitch Mob Vet
23. Net Worth
24. Lets Get ’em
25. Red Bull
26. Richmond Girl
27. P Flame Shoutouts
28. Lets Meet Outro


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